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Boise Competes is a comprehensive analysis to help define Boise’s unique draw as a place to do business and build a career.

Initiated by Boise City Councilmember Ben Quintana, the Boise Competes project is Boise’s approach to economic development – what makes our city competitive on a regional, national, and global level.

The primary goals of Boise Competes are as follows: first, to recognize and accentuate the positive attributes that make Boise a great place to live and do business; second, to identify key attributes that the city can impact; and finally, to use this information to implement strategies that can enhance Boise’s economic competitiveness.

In addition to comparing Boise to 16 relevant benchmark cities using more than 75 economic indicators, a total of 10 focus groups were conducted with community leaders, young professionals, artists, recruiters, and students to review and discuss the data and provide new insights.

Boise Competes has produced the recommendations:

  • Help new businesses thrive, with a running start with Trailhead, Boise’s startup hub
  • Hired a Philanthropy Director to increase citywide charitable activity
  • Launched Startup In A Day, a web portal that streamlines Boise’s business process

Additional targeted strategies include:

  1. Support Boise Businesses: Provide local businesses with resources to succeed in Boise
  2. Build Boise’s Infrastructure: Evaluate and improve business infrastructure, such as internet connectivity and rail access for shipping
  3. Develop a Balanced Workforce: Implement Boise Codes, a platform for all Boiseans to access coding education, and support the Trailhead Code School concept
  4. Provide Transportation Alternatives: Promote viable transportation options in Boise through the Transportation Action Plan
  5. Tell Boise’s Story: Promote a Boise that is full of diversity, culture, and environmental sustainability to battle misperceptions

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