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“Kindness, generosity, civility and respect are more than just common courtesy, they are cornerstones of our community,” Mayor David Bieter. “If we continue to embrace and openly embody the kindness, civility and respect that has helped build Boise into what it is today, our future will indeed be bright.”

Mayor Bieter stops for a cupcake from Bam's Bakery. BentLee Martinez uses proceeds to help purchase items for people experiencing homelessness in the Boise community.

At his 2018 State of the City address, Mayor David Bieter proposed the creation of Boise Kind, a community-wide initiative to define and spread the values that make Boise such a wonderful place to live. The Mayor’s proposal was made in response to a growing desire within our community to put aside differences and focus on preserving and fostering the core attributes that bond us together and make Boise such a livable city. 

Kindness is defined as any action in which one person puts the needs of another ahead of their own.

Boise Kind is a collaborative initiative between the City of Boise, community members, business leaders and non-profits aimed at protecting and promoting our community’s core values and ensuring that Boise remains a kind and welcoming community. 

Boise Kind: Seize every opportunity to be caring and generous

Official Launch

Boise Kind will officially kick-off at Treefort Music Fest on Thursday, March, 21. Mayor Bieter will make an announcement on the Main Stage at 5:30 p.m., then head over to host a launch party at Woodland Empire from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m., where he and volunteers will be handing out free chorizo. The new Boise Kind bicycle will be on display and volunteers will be logging acts of kindness on the new Boise Kind website. We hope to see as many community members there as possible.

About Boise Kind

Specifically, the initiative is aimed at:

  • Fostering a kind, welcoming community through encouraging acts of kindness
  • Preserving our core values
  • Helping individuals moving here understand what it means to be a Boisean

The City will seek community partners and ambassadors to help plan their own kindness efforts and to inspire and capture acts of kindness, big and small, throughout the city.


Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved, including:

  • Capture and share acts of kindness using the #BoiseKind hashtag
  • Inspire your network to engage in acts of kindness


December 2018: Press conference announcing the initiative

March 2019: Official kick-off – Treefort Music Fest and Kindness Count launch

Summer/Fall 2019: Boise Day (day of service)

Fall 2019: Boise School District partnership kick-off

Read Mayor David Bieter's message on the launch of the Boise Kind initiative here.