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So…what is a LIV District? Built on the City of Boise’s focus on livability through Lasting Environments, Innovative Enterprises and Vibrant Communities, a LIV District is a geographic area of focused investment that inspires and engages residents and businesses to build on the existing neighborhood fabric, address sustainability and develop a balanced approach to life, work and play. For Boise’s first LIV District, it’s hard to imagine a better spot than the Central Addition.

Goals for a LIV District include:

  • Sustainable Infrastructure - Integrate renewable and clean geothermal energy, advanced stormwater management practices and innovative streetscape design
  • Mobility - Offer transportation options so all citizens can easily walk, bike, take transit or drive to all Boise’s great assets, including downtown, parks, universities, entertainment and the Greenbelt
  • Placemaking - Develop public spaces that celebrate history, arts and culture while creating a unique neighborhood identity. Utilize infrastructure to showcase local public art
  • Housing - Create urban downtown living through a mixture of historic single-family residences, multi-family homes and new construction of condos and apartments
  • Economic Development - Support more than 50 diverse businesses built on green turn-key development, while attracting other sustainable-minded entities
  • Stakeholder Engagement – Residents and businesses collaborate to achieve a shared vision for the district, with regular meetings to guide future planning
  • Metrics – Establish baseline data to measure current and future district elements, such as sustainability, mobility and economic development. Create a framework for sharing successes and challenges

Central Addition - Boise's first LIV District will serve as a model for future. Additional outcomes expected include:

  • Epicenter of Boise’s Best Amenities - Marked by thriving businesses, boutique shops, residential housing, parks, unique public art, hotels, universities, grocery stores and more
  • Accessible Transportation for All - Conveniently hop on a Boise GreenBike, walk to Julia Davis Park using the new pedestrian pathway at 5th Street and Myrtle, or catch a bus from Main Street Station
  • Deliberate and Sustainable Development - Demonstrated by continued mixed use growth, increased housing, new green construction and incentives for geothermal connection
  • The Most Livable City in the Country - Embody the future of Boise’s mission
  • Stakeholder Ownership - Collaboration with a focus on implementing initiatives to achieve shared goals with a sense of identity and pride

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