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Housing First is an evidence-based approach to address chronic homelessness by providing a stable home and supportive services to vulnerable populations. On November 29, 2018, New Path Community Housing – Idaho’s first site-based permanent supportive housing development – opened its doors to 45 community members experiencing chronic homelessness.

New Path Community Housing

Four story white and brown building with sign that says New Path Community Housing

New Path Community Housing

In 2016, The Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) and the City of Boise teamed up through a joint request for proposal (RFP) to work with a development team to build the first units of housing in the community. Terry Reilly Health Services, through a request for proposals process, was selected to provide the “wrap-around” services, including on-site social services, medical treatment and life skills training for the residents. On November 29, 2018 New Path Community Housing, located at near transportation, social services and grocery stores, opened its doors to 45 community residents experiencing chronic homelessness.

Tomlinson and Associates, an experienced property management firm is managing the development and providing a full-time, onsite manager.

To support New Path Community Housing, visit the IHFA Foundation website.

Our Path Home

On a parallel path to the pursuit of a Housing First option, members of the Boise City/Ada County Continuum of Care, the community’s homeless service providers, have developed a new system for delivering services to those experiencing homelessness.

Previously, those seeking services were required to apply to each provider individually. Navigating such a dispersed and diverse system created huge challenges for an often traumatized, institution-averse and transportation-challenged population. Because individual providers offer a variety of different levels and types of service, those seeking help often found themselves unable to match services with their needs.

Coordinated Entry is the new, centralized process for prioritizing needs and aligning available services with those needs. Using a set of agreed upon standards, the Continuum of Care prioritizes the need and participating providers cooperate to funnel the right resources to the right person. Applicants have a single point of entry into the community-wide pool of available services.

This new system was used to prioritize the chronically homeless for New Path and, will be used for other Housing First initiatives in the future.