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The Library Campus Project

PROJECT UPDATE: On Tuesday, Nov. 27, the project team will present a series of options for the location of the Cabin to the Mayor and Boise City Council. These options include keeping the structure in its original location or relocating it to one of two locations in Julia Davis Park. While this is not a public hearing, the public is invited to submit comments for Council’s consideration to by Monday, November 26.


Boise’s Library Campus will serve as a gateway to the city, but also a gateway to our history, to new experiences, and to the ideas that shape our future. Its spaces and services, located in the heart of Boise’s Cultural District, will be available to anyone, yet distinct to our corner of the world.


Built as a warehouse in 1946, the Main Library can no longer meet the needs of Boise’s growing population or keep pace with the ever-evolving programming, technology and services of a modern-day library. Despite the addition of five branch locations, over the past five years, the Main Library has seen a 12% visitor increase and program attendance has grown by 42%. At the same time, located in City Hall, and without immediate public access, the Department of Arts & History lacks space for the Boise City Archives, care and conservation of the city’s public art collection, and cultural programming and community-based workshops.

While the need for a new Main Library has been a topic of discussion for over two decades, a series of feasibility studies and community visioning sessions conducted over the past several years have catalyzed this project in earnest.


To keep you informed as this project progresses, the City of Boise is piloting a new community engagement platform called coUrbanize. Here you will find:

  • Project details and background
  • Project timeline
  • FAQs

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