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Citywide strategies to create lasting environments, innovative enterprises, and vibrant communities. It’s a way of doing business that means leaving Boise better than we found it.

“Sustainability is part of our city’s marrow. It’s at the core of our efforts to make Boise the most livable city in the country.” –Mayor Dave Bieter

Championed by Council Members Lauren McLean and Elaine Clegg, Sustainable City aims to demonstrate the City’s commitment to lead through policies and projects that ensure the sustainability of our community, economy and environment. Strategies include increasing citizen engagement to inform sustainable policies and projects within the City and the community at large; designing and building the community following the latest sustainable practices; promoting transportation alternatives, such as bike share, a Downtown circulator, and multimodal center; creating economic opportunity through green turnkey development and energy innovation; supporting safe, healthy, and caring communities for all Boise citizens; and leading by example through City conservation, energy efficiency and resource recovery programs.

The goals of the Sustainable City initiative are:

  1. Establish quantifiable goals and metrics to measure and track success.
  2. Document and communicate past activities, and planned goals, actions and strategies related to sustainability in an annual report.
  3. Align City, public and private resources to create meaningful impact.

For a more complete picture, read our Livability Report.

A sustainable city is one in which all projects and initiatives are developed giving consideration to environmental, community, and economic impacts and benefits.

  1. Reduce environmental impact of City activities (i.e. reduce energy and water use, decrease waste production, increase recycling, improve air quality).
  2. Coordinate with citywide initiatives (i.e. Boise Competes, Energize our Neighborhoods) to leverage triple bottom line sustainability.
  3. Understanding among citizens of ongoing sustainability programs and plans.
  4. Meaningful collaboration with all partners, citizens and sponsors.

The City of Boise has instituted or proposed dozens of sustainability initiatives, including setting aggressive energy reduction goals for city buildings; a plan to convert all streetlights to LED technology, saving $65,000 annually; retrofitting public buildings with water and energy saving features; reducing water consumption in city parks, saving millions of gallons annually; implementing an anti-idling program; and, initiating Curb It, the city’s curbside recycling program.