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Trailhead is Boise’s dynamic startup hub--the downtown space to find resources, explore new technologies, and create something all your own.

Boiseans have always worked together to build a better future for our city. In that collaborative spirit, the City of Boise, business leaders and community partners launched Trailhead, Boise’s startup hub where entrepreneurs can connect to the people and resources needed to succeed. At the corner of 8th and Myrtle Streets in Downtown Boise, Trailhead brings together a network of mentors, accomplished experts, and founders with the passion to help Boise’s best ideas flourish. Launched by Mayor Bieter in 2015 with an initial investment by several successful Boise entrepreneurs, Trailhead has gained remarkable momentum with its affordable, high-value memberships and easy, accessible atmosphere. Trailhead was quickly invited to join the Startup Federation, a global network of the world’s top startup hubs and incubators – providing local members access to world class space and the best of worldwide programming.

Trailhead Goals:

  • Support the development of Boise’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Connect entrepreneurs and innovators with resources, people and educational opportunities that can help them succeed.
  • Be a catalyst for job creation and diversity in our community.
  • Fill the gap around shared working space and networking that is critical during a company’s initial relocation phase.

Trailhead Outcomes:

Trailhead is a place where Boise’s growing community of entrepreneurs and innovators connect to share ideas, learn relevant skills, and gain access to expertise and capital providers that help navigate the road to success. It is a place where people with diverse backgrounds and experiences can come together to create great things. Trailhead was patterned after successful models across the country, and adapted for Boise’s unique culture of opportunity.

  • An increase in the number and success rates of Boise-based startups. In just over one year, Trailhead had over 50 startups and 250 members using their services.
  • An enhanced knowledge base among employees of established Boise businesses. In its first year, Trailhead hosted over 100 dynamic live events with 7000 attendees.
  • Increased vibrancy and diversity of Boise’s business community and economic development landscape—in 2015 the Trailhead team helped several members navigate the fundraising process through mentoring and connecting them with prospective investors.
  • Sustainable new jobs and career paths added to Boise’s economy–partnered with the City of Boise and Boise Valley Economic Partnership to recruit Paylocity, which plans to bring 550 jobs and over $300 million in payroll to the city.
  • A new means by which innovation can be showcased and promoted within our community. For example, Trailhead has highlighted innovations such as virtual reality and 3-D printing through its First Thursday events.


Learn more about how you can interact with breakthrough innovators and early stage businesses and gain access to expertise that can help you along your path.

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