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The Transportation Action Plan (TAP) establishes Boise’s vision for a modern, well-balanced transportation system - A city where all people enjoy real transportation choices that offer safety, optimize infrastructure, and support vibrant neighborhoods.


That vision is based on a set of values, specifically:

  • All people means that all citizens are able to participate in the economic and civic life of the city, including the 1/3 of our citizens who do not drive.
  • To be a real choice, a particular mode (walking, biking, driving, or riding transit) must be as available, safe, affordable, and reliable as driving is today.
  • Safety means that each mode is allocated space relative to its vulnerability. Creating an “expected space” for each mode makes all modes safer.
  • Optimizing infrastructure means shifting our primary focus to moving people rather than vehicles. No city can build its way out of congestion, nor afford to maintain an ever-expanding road network. Existing roads should be optimized to accommodate all modes of transportation.
  • Healthy cities are built on a foundation of healthy, vibrant neighborhoods – they are the elemental building blocks for a prosperous city. Walkable neighborhoods offer opportunities for people to meet and connect when streets are built as “people places” not just vehicle space.

“Mobility Moves” are high-level initiatives that advance values by listing specific infrastructure improvements, programs, and areas that would most benefit from those actions. The six Moves represent the needs of different population groups, different locations within the city and different modes of travel, and support current City of Boise and partner initiatives. The Mobility Moves are:

  1. Safety for All
  2. Walk and Bike to the Store
  3. All Ages Bike Network
  4. Active Routes to School
  5. Park Once
  6. Three Best-In-Class Transit Routes


So what might success look like? Our hope is that the Transportation Action Plan (TAP) results in:

  • A community that is energized by a collective vision for a modern transportation system and motivated to help implement it.
  • Streets and pathways designed and built for current and future generations of citizens.
  • A transparent prioritization framework that reflects the City’s vision and values for transportation.
  • A cultural shift recognizing the automobile as just one mode choice, not the only or even the primary choice, amongst a range of options.

You play a part in building our future. Learn more about the Streets for People movement.

Keep Our Children Safe

Graphical depiction of 20% of cars. 80 cars. 16 are yellow and the remaining are blue.

Trips to school make up to 25% of morning traffic. Everyone should feel safe walking, biking, taking transit or driving. Safer roads lead to healthier, more connected communities.

Boisean's Want More Choices

Illustration of car depicting 1/3 in yellow, the remaining in blue.

1/3 of Boiseans do not drive and many others would choose not to drive if other convenient and affordable options were available.