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A Community Conversation About Growth

A message from Mayor Dave Bieter

The growth and success of Boise and our neighboring communities over the last several years have been truly extraordinary, but they also have presented us with challenges. Preserving the things that make Boise so special – our rich history, our stunning natural environment, our diverse culture – while also creating an atmosphere that encourages investment in our future, has long been a key focus at the City of Boise.  In fact, creating the right balance between these priorities is a major reason the city adopted its vision of making Boise the most livable city in the country.

Boise Downtown


As Mayor, it is my duty to ensure that our community has a robust conversation about how we address this going forward, so we find the right balance and meet this challenge. To that end, in the coming months the City of Boise will host a series of facilitated workshops with you, Boise’s residents, about our shared vision for the future. These sessions will be in addition to the broader town hall being held next week so that we can have a more focused discussion about how these changes are impacting your daily lives and how you want your city government to protect Boise’s vibrancy and livability.

Our overall goals will be to:

  • Listen and understand specific resident concerns
  • Create context for the conversation about the nature of new growth, where and how it is happening and how it compares to Boise’s historic growth patterns
  • Address resident concerns around growth at a citywide level
  • Communicate and engage with residents about how the city is planning and managing growth

We hope to create a constructive dialogue around dense, compact development and the effects of sprawl. We want to know what role historic preservation and placemaking should play as we move forward. We want to discuss housing costs and availability, as well as the role transportation, traffic, and transit play in how our city develops and grows. We hope to hear your perspectives on the importance of economic development, business creation and the value you place on open space and other environmental concerns.

We need to come together as one city to ensure our actions are authentic to our shared vision of Boise. With no tools available from the state to fund transit, and drastically reduced federal support for affordable housing, we must once again build our own solutions to the challenges we face. I’m confident we’ll succeed.

The council and I look forward to seeing you at these workshops. Please keep an eye out for more details in the coming weeks. And, as always, thank you for everything you do to make Boise the most livable city in the country.

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Dave Bieter

Published: April 06, 2018