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Boise Man Meets with Firefighters who Saved His Life

Russ Poe, met with fire fighter Kyle Johnson, senior fire fighter Mike Zolin and Captain Greg Briggs today for a special reunion. Back in December Boise Fire was called to Russ’ home after his girlfriend called 911 when he collapsed.

Russ Poe


When the firefighters arrived to the home of Russ Poe back in December 2017, he had no pulse. The team from Engine 10 began CPR. “We immediately started chest compressions, just basically buying you time until we can get you to the hospital,” said Firefighter Kyle Johnson.  After the first shock from the defibrillator, chest compressions were continued. Ada county Paramedics arrived several minutes later and he was shocked two more times. After the third shock, his pulse returned. 

He was quickly placed onto the gurney and transported to St. Luke’s in Boise. Kyle assisted the Ada County crew in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. 

“We all did what we were supposed to do from dispatch to EMS, it was great to be part of that system,” said Captain Greg Briggs.

Russ suffered a massive heart attack, but because of the life-saving efforts of these firefighters and the Ada County Paramedics he was able to survive and thank them! Poe had a message for others, he says it is important to know your family history and get check-ups. He also said it was important for him to thank his first responders because he believes their job can be a thankless one at times. We wish Russ the best on his continued recovery.

Poe with Fire Fighters


Published: March 15, 2018