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Brew Boise


Dedication to Innovation

Within the City of Boise’s Public Works Department, Water Renewal Services treats and cleans millions of gallons of used water from Boise’s homes and businesses to maximize its benefits. We utilize innovative practices and continually seek opportunities to sustainably recover and reuse our water resources.   

Used water comes from our toilets, sinks and drains and travels through the city’s sewer collection system to be treated and cleaned at one of our water renewal facilities. After cleaning, the water is then returned to the Boise River. But what if we could reuse that water in a new and innovative way?

As a high-desert city, it’s essential that Boise look at how we use every drop. Pure Water Brew Boise takes a large step in creating viable and local products from our used water while changing the conversation around giving new life to used water.

What’s the Pure Water Brew Boise project?

This short term pilot project uses water from one of Boise’s water renewal facilities that is treated and cleaned to drinking water quality using a state-of-the-art treatment technologies to produce a safe, purified water that is delivered to our partners. Our partners, in turn, will take the 100% pure water to create tasty new beers and cider that will be available at the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association conference in October. 

Pure Water Brew Boise Showcase

Date: October 21
Time: 4:00 - 6:00 pm
Location: Grove Plaza, 850 W. Front Street

The Process

With help from the Pima County Arizona Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department, a mobile purification facility truck will be used for the final purification phase. The facility truck utilizes a five-step purification process including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, an ultraviolet light advanced oxidation process, and granular activated carbon for hydrogen peroxide quenching to produce safe, high-quality drinking water.

Mobile Water Treatment Facility

Special Thanks to Our Partners

Part of a Bigger Vision for Renewed Water

Pure Water Brew Boise is just one part of a bigger vision. Water Renewal Services is developing a long-range plan that will balance Boise’s environmental, financial and community needs as we determine how to treat and renew the water our community uses. Boise’s Water Future will identify the best way for our city to recover potential resources – including water, energy, and fertilizer – and a sustainable strategy to get there.



Jami Goldman, Sustainability Coordinator, City of Boise
(208) 608-7136

City of Boise Water Renewal Services is a nationally recognized innovator in the field of used water treatment. Our forward-thinking solutions foster the economic activity and environmental quality that Boise needs to remain lasting, innovative, and vibrant.

Published: July 24, 2018