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Domestic Violence Awareness Car Joins BPD Fleet

The Boise Police Department and the Women’s and Children’s Alliance have a long history of working together to help victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault.  On February 1st, Boise Police and the WCA unveiled the Domestic Violence Awareness patrol car. The new design and markings on the car were sponsored by donors of the WCA.

“This purple ribbon car has long been a dream of ours and represents our strong relationship with our law enforcement partners. More importantly it provides the opportunity to raise awareness about the prevalence of domestic violence in our community and makes the connection about where individuals can go to get help—from law enforcement and from organizations like the WCA that provide critical services like safe shelter, counseling, court advocacy and other programs to help break the cycle of gender violence,” said Bea Black, Executive Director for the WCA.

“The impact domestic violence has on our children and our community as a whole is immeasurable and we are committed to improving our efforts to prevent domestic violence, respond to the needs of the victims and hold offenders accountable,” said Boise Police Chief William Bones.  “Through awareness, we hope to encourage people to report abuse and increase the understanding that there is help available and no one has to live in fear.”

TO REPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Boise area residents can contact the Boise Police Special Victims Unit through police dispatch by calling 911 or 208-377-6790. If you or someone you know needs help, you can also call the WCA 24-hour domestic violence hotline at (208) 343-7025.


Patrol Car: A Visible Vehicle to Raise Awareness, Promote Safety

The Boise Police Domestic Violence Awareness patrol car joins two other specialty cars in the BPD fleet.  BPD also has a Cycling Safety Awareness car and a Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness car.  The Cycling Safety Awareness car was unveiled in 2014 and the Breast Cancer Awareness car was unveiled in 2013.

Trademark Sign Company of Boise worked with Boise PD to design the Domestic Violence Awareness patrol car as well as the other two specialty police cars.

Published: February 01, 2018