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Mayor Bieter Recognizes Boise's Good Neighbors as Embodiment of 'What It Means to be a Boisean'

Mayor David Bieter announced on September 28 the names of 39 Boise residents, organizations, and businesses nominated to be recognized during Energize Boise Celebration of the Good Neighbor Awards at Boise City Hall.

The event provides Boise residents an opportunity to recognize neighbors who make connections that strengthen Boise’s neighborhoods. The nominees were recognized by Mayor Bieter with his annual “Boise Good Neighbor Award,” which he started in 2011 and is now part of the City of Boise’s Energize Our Neighborhoods strategic initiative.


“Good neighbors make great neighborhoods and great neighborhoods are the foundation of Boise’s success,” said Mayor Bieter. “Boiseans, by nature, are kind and welcoming, but we all know that there are those who go the extra mile to make our neighborhoods special. These nominees are the embodiment of what it means to be a Boisean – they are kind, helpful, active in their neighborhood and community, and passionate about making Boise an even better place to live. We are honored to recognize them and their important contributions to our city.”

Nominated by their own neighbors for a variety of reasons, nominees included 35 individuals, 2 businesses and 2 community groups. Here are three featured nominees with a brief summary from their nomination letters. To see a full list of nominees and read their nominations, click here.


BentLee - BAM's Bakery

BentLee is an inspiration through her cupcake stand, BAM's Bakery, helping and making a difference for those in need in her community. Her courage and desire to help others goes beyond the selling of her baked goods and it is an honor to nominate her for this special award.


Library! at Collister

The Library! at Collister has become a community asset that goes far beyond their books, computers and media center. They have become the cornerstone of our neighborhood through hosting local meetings and special events that help bring neighbors together, and important STEM and other key programs for our youth. The best part of the Collister Library is their wonderful staff who truly go out of their way to help every person who walks in the door. They are always cheerful and have such a can-do attitude that they make residents feel better just for visiting the library. They have become a nexus for community events and information that truly helps strengthen our sense of community and fellowship. I would like to nominate the Collister Library for the Good Neighbor award because they so deeply deserve it!


Cameron Crow

Cameron is actively working to "Make Boise Better" by starting a civic engagement platform for Boiseans to make their voices heard. I'm really excited by the idea of a new way for Boiseans to engage with local issues and find out what other people think.

I agree with Cameron that a lot of civic engagement mechanisms -- public meetings, etc. -- privilege people with a lot of time and energy. I think there's a larger swath of people out there who are paying attention and care, but whose voices don't ring out as loudly as others. I'm excited that “Make Boise Better” is trying to elevate a broader range of voices.

I think the project is already making waves in our community, and as more people participate and see the results, I think our community will be better informed and individuals will be well-served by understanding whether they're in the majority opinion or not on a given issue. Cameron calls it a "civilizing force" and I think it has the potential to be just that. Thank you, Cameron!

Congratulations to all the nominees for the Good Neighbor Awards! Thank you for all you do and helping make Boise the most livable city in the country.

Published: October 04, 2018