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Our Path Home: Working to End Homelessness in Boise

Our Path Home launched last year with the intention of streamlining the process for an individual or a family to get the resources necessary for stable, safe and healthy housing. A year later, CATCH, the City of Boise and other partners have promising data to share.



To determine the success of the program, it is important to look back at the previous experience individuals on the brink of homelessness or homeless had to go through to get permanent housing. Before the launch of Our Path Home, those in a housing crisis had to navigate emergency services on their own – call one agency and then another. They were traumatized every time one program referred them onward. This was all due to the lack of coordination among partners and service providers.

Today, Our Path Home serves as a single access point for all persons in a housing crisis. Below are some data to showcase how the program works and its initial success. You can also access the full report here.

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Published: June 28, 2018