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Parking & Mobility Options in Downtown Boise

When you come to downtown Boise - whether it be for dinner, shopping or work - there are several options for parking and mobility.

Smart Phone


ParkMobile App

There are over 1,300 on-street meters in downtown Boise. All accept coins and most accept credit cards. But for those who rarely carry change in their pockets or don't want to use their credit card at the meter, this app is a great solution.

No matter what zone you're in downtown, this app works on all meters and it only takes a few seconds.  If you're driving a different car, you can easily change the license plate number and activate your parking session. You can even receive a notification letting you know when your parking is about to expire.



The City of Boise offers two different ePermits that are for designated areas for downtown, on-street parking.


This permit is ideal for weekday parking for people who work downtown in offices or at shops and restaurants during the day.  These permit holders are also able to use the Elder Street Park & Ride if a space is unavailable.


Twilight ePermit

Created especially for the hard-working, service industry in our downtown area, this permit allows parking after 3:00 pm in the designated areas for just $15 a month. This permit is eligible to be used at meters marked Zone 3 as well as timed zones (loading zones and residential parking is excluded).


For more information on both ePermits, including maps and exclusions, click here.

Parking Garages

For longer stays in downtown Boise, there are several parking garages available. The first hour is always free, with $3 per hour thereafter. You can even check availability for monthly permit options in these garages throughout downtown. To see all the locations and monthly permit options, click here.


Downtown Boise


Public Transportation

If you want to save gas money and don't want to deal with parking downtown, there are several public transportation options available!

Main Street Station


Valley Regional Transit

Riding on the ValleyRide bus system is easy, low-cost, and have several routes that all end at the new Main Street Station, located in the heart of downtown Boise.

ValleyRide can also accommodate those with a disability or are wheel-chair bound with their Paratransit service.


Downtown Park & Ride

The City of Boise and CCDC came together, with help from Valley Regional Transit and Boise State University, and developed additional parking and transportation options for downtown employees. The Downtown Park & Ride offers a FREE shuttle service that makes stops at designated parking areas Monday thru Friday.


ACHD Commuteride

Commuteride is a great resource for finding a commuting option that makes the most sense for you. You can find the best route, locate a park and ride, and even find a commuting buddy based on your work schedule and neighborhood.


Share the Ride Idaho

Now sure which option works for you? Share the Ride Idaho is a quick, secure and personal way to find all your commuting options. Find the commuteride, vanpool or other public transit option that works best for you. You can explore your options here.

Bike Your Way

Boise is proud to be an active and bike-friendly community. There are bike lanes on most streets throughout Boise, as well as the Greenbelt that can connect you from your neighborhood to wherever you need to get to downtown. For a map of the Boise Greenbelt, click here.

Boise Green Bike

Don't own a bike? If you live close to downtown, there are several Green Bikes you can easily rent and bike to your destination in downtown Boise for a small fee.


Boise GreenBike


For more information about downtown metered parking and rates, click here.

Published: February 14, 2018