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Building Sustainability from the Ground Up

An environmentally sustainable and responsibly built community is at the core of the city’s vision of making Boise the most livable city in the country. The city is making progress toward that vision by working with community partners to provide better pathways for owners, developers and builders to construct buildings that incorporate conservation, innovation and efficiency by way of the City Green Construction Code.

The effort began in 2015, when all new municipal city construction projects began following the International Green Construction Code, setting an important standard for all future city projects.

“This is a momentous shift in the way our city constructs new buildings,” said Jason Blais, with the City of Boise’s Planning and Development Services. “Our city leaders understand that putting a little more thought into efficiency and conservation up front will pay dividends in savings for the long-term life of the buildings.”


In 2016, the City of Boise was the first jurisdiction in Idaho to adopt the City Green Construction Code as a voluntary option for buildings. This code provides an additional option for owners, developers and builders to design and construct green buildings through a simplified and economical process. The city also recognizes other green rating or certification programs such as LEED and will recognize these projects for their dedication to constructing and maintaining sustainable measures within their projects. The city will award completed projects with an official City of Boise Green Building designation plaque.

Green building certification plaque

Plaque at Bown Crossing Library

Along with project recognition, applicants desiring to go green will have a dedicated city representative who provides additional permitting assistance throughout the process, from design to completion.

The city recently just added Fire Stations 4 and 8 to the list of city-owned properties with the Green Building certification. Plaques for each facility are displayed outside the building. All future city buildings will be built to IGCC standards, including the nearly completed Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Station by the Boise Airport and Fire Station 9. Plaques will be installed at these locations later this spring and fall, respectively.

Fire Station #4

Fire Station #8

For additional information on Boise’s City Green Construction Code, visit Planning and Development Services.

Published: January 08, 2019