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Robbins Roundabout Construction and Sewer Line Work Near Military Reserve

Robbins Roundabout Construction Notice Map (click to enlarge)

Two construction projects in the Fort Boise area will impact traffic beginning on Monday, March 25. These projects include construction of the Robbins roundabout and sewer line work near Military Reserve. As these projects will affect travel times in the area, the City of Boise will work to keep you informed about the construction timeline, detour routes and contingency plans for special events.

Robbins Roundabout

To improve traffic flow between Boise’s east side and the downtown area, a master plan for the Fort Boise / St. Luke's Planning Area included the construction of two roundabouts along Fort Street. The first roundabout—located at Fort Street, Reserve Street, and Avenue B—was completed in 2018. Construction of the second roundabout at Fort Street, Washington Street, Robbins Road and 3rd Street is now underway.

  • Detour routes are in place to guide cars, bikes, and pedestrians around the construction area along major roadways for the safety of the construction workers and the community. The detour route for West and North bound traffic is along State St and up 6th St. The detour route for East and South bound traffic is down 5th and along State Street. The detour route out of Fort Boise is right onto Fort St and then down on 2nd St, and then East or West onto State St. Bike and pedestrian detours flow down 4th St and along State Street.
  • The #16 VA/Hyde Park bus route will continue to service the area throughout the duration of the project, routing around the construction area with little to no expected delays in service.

In August, the new roundabout is expected to be open to all traffic. Crews, however, will be working on landscaping in the area until November. This work may affect bike and pedestrian routes.

As completion of construction is contingent upon many factors, the city will continue to provide updates about any project delays. To stay informed about the construction progress and any unexpected delays, detours or changes in the construction schedule, sign up for our email list below. You can also follow the City on Facebook and Twitter, where additional messages may be posted to keep the community informed.

For questions or comments about this project, please contact the City of Boise using the form included at the bottom of this page. To learn more about current projects, refer to the St. Luke's blog.

Sewer Line Work Near Military Reserve

Starting Monday, March 25, drivers and pedestrians in the Military Reserve area will also notice traffic changes due to construction work near the intersection of Reserve Street and Mountain Cove Road. Crews will be connecting a sewer line to install a bathroom that will service the new dog park and new Bike Skills Park located in the basins. This project is being managed by Boise Parks and Recreation.

Traffic impacts:

  • Mountain Cove Road from Reserve Street to Scout Lane will be closed from March 25 through April 18 for equipment staging and construction. This stretch of road will be closed to cars and pedestrians throughout the duration of the project.
  • Reserve Street will be reduced to one lane for about a week (expected March 25-29) during construction. There will be flaggers placed on either end of the one-lane section to keep traffic moving.
  • Anyone who wants to access businesses in the Fort Boise area should plan to enter via E. Garrison Road. Detour signs will be in place re-routing drivers from Fort Street and State Street through the Fort Street roundabout. This signed detour will also guide drivers up Garrison to Scout Lane with the option to head north on Mountain Cove Road along Freestone Creek.

The sewer line work will be completed before the Race to Robie Creek on April 20. If you have any questions or concerns about this project, please contact Boise Parks and Recreation by emailing

Rendering of completed construction of Robbins Roundabout (click to enlarge)

Forestry Update

In preparation for construction of Robbins Roundabout, trees in the area were marked for removal. After thoughtful and thorough evaluation by the civil engineering and landscape architecture team in coordination with the City of Boise’s forester, many of these marked trees were determined to be in poor condition, deemed to be inappropriately planted along the street and/or in conflict with the improved roadway layout.

Working in partnership with the City of Boise, the contractor will remove and replace 30-40 trees in the area at the start of construction. Once completed, the improved traffic pattern will have double the landscape area, as well as include stamped and colored concrete roadway splitter islands, expanded landscape buffers separating the sidewalk from the roadway, and improved street lighting. The pedestrian crossing locations will also feature Rapid Flashing Beacons, improving the safety and flow of foot traffic around the roundabout.

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Published: March 20, 2019