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...this report reflects what it means to truly enjoy this city for all that it has to offer...

The report you are about to read is filled with goals and objectives, figures and statistics, and more than a little bit of technical jargon. But set all of that aside for a moment and think about what natural environment and sustainability mean to Boise and its livability.

There’s no denying it: Boise is on the map. Hardly a month goes by that a national organization or publication doesn’t list our city at or near the top of the best places in America to live, work, raise a family, start a business, retire or just have fun. And those of us who live here know they’re right.

It’s biking along the Greenbelt with your family, listening to the clear, flowing Boise River and knowing that such an amazing urban river truly makes Boise special.

It’s the look in your dog’s eyes when it’s time to head into the Foothills to enjoy solace and trail time. The knowledge that the open space conservation has been deliberate and will have long-lasting effects.

It’s one of those perfect summer evenings, taking in the gorgeous downtown skyline and mountain ranges in almost every direction. The appreciation that clean air matters.

Facts and figures are important, no doubt. But at its heart, this report reflects what it means to truly enjoy this city for all that it has to offer—and to ensure that the Boise we love today will be there for future generations.

We invite you to learn more about Boise as a environmentally sustainable community

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