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Safe and Secure Community

93% of Boiseans feel safe. (2016 citizen survey)

Providing a safe and secure place for people to live, work and play is one of the City of Boise’s highest priorities. Offering high-quality public safety services means we don’t just respond to problems — we actively work to prevent them. We can do that only through innovative approaches and community partnerships that promote trust and help build a safe community for the long term.


Boise Refugee Liaison Police Officer holding child up in air while they are both smiling.


Refugee Liaison Program

The U.S. State Department has designated Boise as a Refugee Resettlement Community. The city is proud of its efforts to welcome people fleeing their countries from political and religious oppression, and providing them with support and help to ensure their success as new Americans. The refugee outreach and engagement program expanded in 2017 to include a 10-week Refugee Mentoring Program, which paired members of our local refugee community with police officers. The Boise Police Department also trained officers throughout the department on the use of professional interpreters and developed an educational video to help refugees understand traffic stops and explain how to interact with officers. The Boise Police Department’s Refugee Liaison position and additional community policing efforts in refugee communities have earned national recognition.

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Community Policing Advancement

As part of our commitment to community policing, the Boise Police Department is forming a Chief’s Community Advisory Panel. This group will serve as a resource for the chief in forming strategies, developing community policing concepts, improving public services, and building trust. The panel will include a diverse cross section of leaders in the community representing a broad spectrum of viewpoints. The intent is to engage and collaborate with the community to increase public safety, confidence and trust.

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Firefighter pulling hose wile others look on during training exercise


Fire Training Center

The Boise Fire Department Training Facility, a state-of-the-art complex featuring a five-story tower that will provide real-life training scenarios, will allow the department to produce experienced and thoroughly proficient first responders. The result will be a dramatic enhancement in the state of readiness and preparedness of our firefighters, which ultimately means safer communities. The facility will be shared with fire departments of other nearby cities and an estimated 450-550 firefighters will be trained annually, providing a foundation for collaborative response efforts that are essential in addressing actual emergencies.

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Goal Areas: Safe and Secure Community, Healthy Community, Responsible Built Environment, Connected Community, Environmentally Sustainable Community, Strong, Diverse Local Economy, Creative and Informed Community